Student Health Solutions

Student Health Solutions

We provide student health insurance programs to institutions of higher education nationwide. Our portfolio of products is vast and includes custom designed insurance plans for mandatory, tight waiver and voluntary enrollment programs. We work only with a handful of highly rated insurance companies who understand the unique needs of the collegiate population and claims administrators who specialize in student health claims management. Let us help you design and implement a program that offers optimal benefits and affordable pricing for your students.

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Student Accident Shield 1

Student Accident Shield

Student Accident Shield is a blanket accident insurance plan that provides coverage for all enrolled students. This unique product encompasses up to three types of coverage: 24-hour accident coverage, intercollegiate sports accident coverage and AD&D benefits. Starting premiums can be as low as $1 per month per student. This program will not only help protect students from the medical expenses of accidental injuries, it will be viewed and respected by students, parents and the community as a true benefit of being an enrolled student at your institution.

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Individual Health Insurance 1

Individual Health Insurance

Are you graduating from college and NEED Health Insurance? Below are links to affordable short term medical products that provide valuable benefits while you explore your employment options.

UHOne – Individual Health Insurance UHOne – Request Enrollment Tutorial Pivot – Individual Health Insurance

International Student Accident And Sickness Programs 1

International Student Accident and Sickness Programs

International students require specific coverage for when they become ill or are injured including participation in intercollegiate sports activities. Specialty Insurance Solutions offers programs that include accident, sickness and sports accident coverage for international students that exceeds their Visa requirements. Click on the link below to learn more about this coverage and to enroll your international students.

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