Stephanie Williams
Director of Operations

Stephanie began her career at Sports Management Associates, now known as Summit America Insurance Services, in January 1999. As an administrative assistant in the Special Risk Division she was responsible for marketing, sales and administration of the Coaches’ Choice program.

Over the years Stephanie has assisted in nearly every department within Summit America Insurance Services, from Specialty Programs to Intercollegiate Sports to Human Resources/Accounting. This allowed her to gain valuable knowledge and develop a unique expertise of the inner workings of the company, which in turn helps her better service her clients.

Stephanie worked in the Intercollegiate Sports Division for Summit America from January 2005 to February 2013. In January 2012 Stephanie was the Senior Analyst and Marketing Associate for the division. Stephanie managed her individual ICS block of business that generated over $1.8 million in premium in addition to working with carriers to renew the entire ICS block of business which consisted of over $16.8 million in premium.

In February of 2013 Stephanie joined Specialty Insurance Solutions, Inc. as Director of Operations. Stephanie graduated from National American University and brings nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry. Stephanie is licensed and appointed to transact life, accident and health lines of business.